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Dear Macadamia Communities

We are aware of some confusing postings on social media that may lead you to think that the staff of the MacCare Care Centres are not adequately protected or making use of the correct hygiene procedures. These are difficult and emotional times, rather than posting criticism online, we encourage everyone to contact one of our Care Centres for the facts, or to offer assistance.

Since long before the current national lock-down, strict procedures and a multi-stage protocol have been in place, whereby MacCare Care Centres went into lock down before the national strategy was announced. These policies are based on NICD and WHO recommendations.

Currently our staff are operating under conditions that are much stricter than normal and are going to great lengths to protect both the residents in our care and our staff.

Residents of the villages have come to our assistance by sewing re-usable face masks, and we have adequate stock of the necessary hygiene products to see us through the current phase of the crisis. Given our non-profit status, we are always grateful for donations of all kinds, which we will gladly accept if you are able to assist us. Most pressing in terms of our foreseeable needs are the following items:

  • Masks
  • Thermometers
  • Spray bottles for Hand sanitizers

Please do not hesitate to call me at any time should you have any Queries or Issues I may assist with.

We look forward to your future visits, assistance and voluntary time in support of our efforts for the aged communities we work in.
God bless you all.
Stay safe!

Heide-Marie Archer | Care Director
071 175 5564 / 013 741 4192 | |

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